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Authentic Horse Drawn Victorian Carriages for hire

Victorian Carriages Limited has supplied horse drawn carriages for weddings and special occasions for the past 25 years. The company has 9 carriages, which have been restored to their original Victorian glory and offer an unforgettable transport experience for special occasions. One of the carriages was regularly used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Victorian Carriages are based in the 4000 acre Sandwell Valley and use15 working horses acres to pull the carriages. All the horses are native breeds of the British Isles – including Cobs and two shire horses; there are black, white and mixed colour horses which can be used to complement the occasion.

Victorian Carriages are regular participants at Harness Horse shows including the Sandwell Valley Harness Horse Show, an annual event every September.


• All denominations
• Cinderella Carriage

Special events

• Wedding anniversaries
• Birthdays
• School proms
• 2005 Santa Parade Broad Street, Birmingham
• 2006 Walsall Christmas lights celebration
West Bromwich Corporation  Horse Drawn Omnibus
French Brougham

• Over 100 funeral services each year
Black Hearse 
  Carriage hire details  
Carriage Names
No. of seats
Horse Drawn Omnibus West Bromwich Corporation
18 seat
English Brougham
4 seat
French Brougham
4 seat
Large Victorian Carriage
2 seat
Small Victoria Carriage
4 seat
German Hunting Phaeton
6 seat
English Landau
5 seat
White French Hearse
Black Hearse
  Carriage histories  
West Bromwich Corporation  Horse Drawn Omnibus – 18 seat   

West Bromwich Corporation
Horse Drawn Omnibus – 18 seat 

  • 18 seat pulled by 2 Shire horses
  • The only public transport in the town until after the sinking
    of the Titanic
  • Built in 1901 at Bulldog Works Brockhouses, West Bromwich
  • 6 year restoration
  • Owned for 13 years
English Brougham – 4 seat     

English Brougham – 4 seat                      

  • Built in 1882
  • Named after Lord Brougham, who recently used it for his son's wedding in London.           
  • Small closed Black & red carriage pulled by 2 horses
  • Used as a taxi in Crowborough, East Sussex and would have been used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, to take him from the station to his home 
French Brougham – 4 seat   

French Brougham – 4 seat                       

  • Cream
  • Built in Paris in 1890
  • Victorian Carriages have operated this for 6 years           


Large Victoria Carriage – 2 seat   

Large Victoria Carriage – 2 seat                        

  • 2 seater for the dashing Victorian gentleman about town
  • Would have been used with fast horses, the Victorian equivalent to a sports car
  • Built 1884 in Spring Hill Birmingham
  • Owned for 22 years


Small Victoria Carriage – 4 seat  

Small Victoria Carriage – 4 seat                       

  • Built in 1920 in Czechoslovakia
  • Family carriage
  • Owned for 12 years


German Hunting Phaeton – 6 seat  

German Hunting Phaeton – 6 seat                        

  • Built 1890 to carry the guns for shooting on an
    Archduke’s estate
  • Victorian Carriages purchased at an auction in 1999
    then spent 12 months restoring the Phaeton


English Landau – 5 seat     

English Landau – 5 seat                        

  • Built in 1920s in Somerset
  • One of the last carriages built in England


Cinderella Carriage – 6 sea
Cinderella Carriage – 6 seat

Cinderella Carriage – 6 seat               

  • Fairytale weddings
  • Brand new carriage
  • Imported from America
  • Popular for proms & birthdays


Vis-À-Vis Carriage - 6 seat  

Vis-À-Vis Carriage - 6 seat                       

  • Central Park New York comes to central Birmingham
  • Brand new
  • Wedding
  • Proms & Birthdays


Asian Wedding Horse  

Asian Wedding Horse                        

  • Highly trained wedding horse,
    works with Bangra bands and Dhol drums.
  • Comes with two grooms, genuine saddle and bridle.


White French Hearse       

White French Hearse                       

  • Built in 1890 as the Town hearse for Livrot in Normandy
  • Owned since 1991


New White Hearse       

White English Hearse                     

  • Built in 1907
  • Takes full-size American Casket.


White Marsen Reproduction Hearse  

White Marsden Reproduction Hearse                      

  • Brand new
  • Superb quality
  • Will carry full size American casket


Black Hearse   

Black Hearse                       

  • Built in 1913
  • Rescued from a garage in Moseley, Birmingham
    in 2003 after 80 years storage
  • Restoration took over a year


Black Hearse   

Black Hearse – Marsden                            

  • Built in 1905
  • Wider body
  • 2 or 4 horses


  fukk event insurance cover  

Victorian Carriages have Professional Indemnity Insurance through NFU which meets Local Authority Health and Safety requirements for outdoor and on street events.

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